AKA JI Ikukuoma Foundation is a non governmental organization with the aim of nurturing destinies to GREATNESS.

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Every Life Matters

Aka ji Ikukuoma Foundation greatly believes in the sanctity of life. We believe that everybody can be somebody and we are committed to ensuring we bring out the potentials in all we come across

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We Care

At Aka ji Ikukuoma Foundation, we care for everyone we come across; our care cuts across the less privileged, the widows, women prisoners and orphans

We Empower

At Aka ji Ikukuoma Foundation we have passion for empowerment. We identify potentials and help maximize these potentials to reach it’s fullest.

We Connect

At Aka ji Ikukuoma Foundation we are open to growing networks, sponsorships and partnerships. We also help connect people to opportunities. we are the bridge between talent and opportunity

Our Campaign



Exceptionally created to better the lots of mankind, High Chief Dr. Summers VC Nwokie was born into the humble Family Of Late Mr. Enyeribe Nwokie And Mrs. scholar Adaku Nwokie Of Umuokerie Umualaukwu, Umuochaku Ezeagbogu Ancient Kingdom, Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA , Imo State.

His education career took off at Community Primary School, Ezeagbogu where he excellently got his First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC). Thereafter, he proceeded to Ezeagbogu Secondary School And as a bright student, sat for the West African School Certificate And as well made his result and came out in flying colours.

To further fulfil his yearning for survival, he sojourned abroad in the year 2005 and as highly intelligent but versatile young man who is filled with the search for knowledge, he enrolled into Eastern University, Philippines where he was certified a management guru with his B. SC Certificate in Management. In the same vain, University of Sedona, Arizona, USA awarded him a doctorate degree in Philosophy, Metaphysics and Theocentric Psychology having studied and found worthy in character and learning. 

As a very successful Industrialist known for his premium in Professionalism Excellence with innate capacity for work and vitality to organize and coordinate, he has through the years owned and managed the following conglomerates in a very successful and progressive manner; Chairman/CEO ECC Jeans, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam And Bangladesh; Chairman/CEO of NWOKIEMED & PHARMACEUTICALS In Philippines, Bangladesh and Laos. Bothered by the continuous portraying of the black races image negatively by the Nollywood actors and with a sincere desire to give it a face lift, he established NWOKIE MEDIA Nig. Ltd where he is also the Chairman/CEO. He is also the Chairman/CEO of JUPITERMONEY, New York, USA. 

Poised with the vision for total emancipation and liberation of his people, development and empowerment of mankind, community development, prisons as well as girl child advocacy, women / youth empowerment including the development of the youths through sports in line with the United Nations Agenda, he founded AKA JI IKUKUOMA FOUNDATION which its cardinal mission is to NURTURE DESTINIES to GREATNESS. 

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Our Causes

At Aka ji Ikukuoma Foundation We are focused on crucial areas of our human and societal development and as such our causes focuses on core areas of human life that impact the general human life.
Our main cause is to pursue with everything within our reach, happiness if not ultimate one for mankind. We intend to in a very passionate manner, Nurture the Destinies of people to Greatness especially those who do not have anyone to give them a helping hand; We put smile on the faces of people through the following means;

Women Empowerment

Giving aid to the less privileged to start up business of their own and monitor them grow the business.

Skill Acquisition Training/Start Up Capital

Considering the level of poverty within our vicinity, we organise Free Skill Acquisition Training for Widows, Women and Youths to ensure that they become self reliant and then provide them with a capital or equipment to start up their own business.

Free Medical Outreach to Communities/Schools

Lorem ipsum dolor sit Considering the level of negligence and self medication occasioned by lack, our Health Unit periodically go to Communities / Schools to carry out free tests and treatments on the indigenes and Students of selected schools.

Rural Developmental Projects

To ensure that those in the rural areas feel the fresh air of life, we engage in rural electrification of certain villages, grading of Rural roads and Carey our infrastructural developmental projects.

Provision of Educational Materials / Aids

Most people in the rural communities lack means to access quality education and as such, we assist in our own little way in providing aids to ensure they become educated

Development of well equipped hospitals and health centers in Rural Areas

Just as our founder, our foundation cannot bear to see the suffering of anyone we come across. We know that health is wealth and as such we have the target to build world class hospitals that are accessible to the poorest of people. You to sac help us achieve this

Support our cause

We Accept Funding And Donations From Friends of The Foundation Globally

Over the years we have touched many lives… It hasn’t been an easy ride but under the leadership of our founder High Chief Dr. Summers VC Nwokie and the support from friends of the foundation we have been able to touch and transform lives.

We know that no man is an island and in as much as we may have resources to touch lives, we still want to touch more lives. over the years of impacting lives we have come to realize that there is still a lot of work to be done, a lot of people to be reached and a lot of destinies to be nurtured. For us to achieve this we know that we cannot do it alone on our own so we call on you to be a friend of the foundation. We call on you to support our causes, to donate generously and we assure you that your donation no matter how big or small is touching a life out there.


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Meet Our Team

It is said that ”If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go with people”. At Aka ji Ikukuoma foundation we have the best, dedicated hands on board to ensure that our empowerment touches as much lives as possible starting from our founder to the least person; all are passionate, dedicated and committed to our causes.

High Chief Dr. Summers VC Nwokie


Comr Nnaji Julius Kelechi

Board Member / Director General

Surv. Chiemeka Akwarandu 

Board Member

Bldr. Chukwudike Ngozi

Board Secretary

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