Good morning, my fellow constituents of humanity and welcome to another brand new week. I hope the week was kind to us in our hustles and endeavours, the bad economy and other challenges not withstanding. Any how, keep the faith, it is a matter of time and you will break even. Believe.

Last week I promised to take us through the fundamentals that can guarantee success and tremendous breakthrough. They are some of the elements that obey the laws of nature, never play with them.

It is agreed that hard work, diligence and expertise are the ingredients that can make someone successful, there is no doubt about that, but there are some spices that can make pudding a delicious treat.
It is simple, “the art of sacrificial giving. 

It is very good to give or be benevolent, but giving, offering selfless services that cost you money, time, etc are more rewarding because they obey the laws of nature. God knows the importance of giving that he even gave His only begotten son to redeem humanity.
When you involve yourself in humanitarian services, you are actually invoking the positive laws of nature towards yourself and all that concerns you.

 Personally, I don’t give because I have so much, but rather, as a way of insuring my future and concerns. Secondly, as a means of showing gratitude for the privileges bestowed on me.
There is no excuse for no being a brother’s keeper, there is no justification for the inability to GIVE. 

A new year is on the verge of dawning. To have that amazing future, to get that great job, to reach that enviable height, you must fertilize your ground so as to have a bountiful harvest. This is the best time, utilize this Yuletide to sow the seeds that can yield the desired produce.

As we practice these outlined guidelines, I am very hopeful we shall all converge at the table of success.

Wishing us all God’s blessings and the best of the week.

Dr. Summers V.C Nwokie

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