On Tuesday, 12th of January, matches were played in Ahiazu and Ezinihitte designated football fields.

At Ahiazu field,
Nnarambia FC locked horns with Oru/Lude FC. The match was a very tough but interesting display of football artistry. It ended in a draw and had to be decided via a penalty shootout.
The final score:
Nnarambia FC-5

Oru/Lude FC-6

Winners: Oru/Lude FC.

At the designated field in Ezinihitte (Ezeagbogu Secondary School), the football rivalry was between Onicha 2 FC and Eziudo Ward 8 FC.

After a hotly contested encounter, Onicha 2 FC conceded a lone goal, which gave Eziudo Ward 8 FC the much needed victory.

Eziudo Ward 8 FC-1.

Onicha 2 FC-0

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