Month: April 2022


My fellow constituents of humanity, welcome to the Easter week. It is vital I drop this piece as a roadmap to sustainable success.

Develop the quest for success as a lifestyle, don’t get caught in the web of indecision or idleness.

Create a roadmap for your future, don’t look for shortcuts, they are dream spoilers, be focused.
Nigeria may be hard, but come on, you’re harder, nothing good comes easy.

Your friends may not buy into your idea, remember, its your future, your life, your own and only you have the password.

Develop a knack for knowledge, avoid evil communications, make humility a vital part of you, be patient and steer clear of every violent conducts, eschew crime, it can destroy your vision and even you.

Love all men, even your enemies but don’t be loose with them.

Have faith in God and believe in yourself.

It is only you that can unlock your greatness, the best time is now, get up, get going.

All you need is just one more push.

Aim, believe, achieve.

See you at the top.

Dr. Summers V.C Nwokie
(Founder: Ikukuoma Foundation)